Friday, July 9, 2010

Auxiliary: cancer more easily

If we say that surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy is the treatment of cancer of the weapon, it is to protect patients adjuvant armor. Shen Lin, Tumor Hospital, Peking University, Professor of Medicine told reporters, treatment increased, supporting the progress of medicine is also very fast.

Antiemetic including the 5 - HT blockers and adjust the body's stress hormones, as well as the patient semi-dormant or dormant sedatives. Many cancer treatment by inhibiting the bone marrow makes white blood cells, platelets and so reduce. Light by stopping can be restored, serious use of granulocyte colony stimulating factor 2-3 days to increase white blood cells.

For thrombocytopenia, may be blood transfusion or use of thrombopoietin. For pain patients, mild to moderate use of non-steroidal painkillers, heavy to use opioid analgesics. Reaction of the other special needs to a variety of symptomatic treatment, such as liver function impairment, you can use the liver cell membrane protective agent; nerve impaired, oral vitamin B; mucosal damage, using acid suppression agent.

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