Friday, July 9, 2010

Surgery: Late also do

The question of "tumor", the first reaction is that people cut off --- it. Medical development today, the majority of cancer radical surgery is still hope. Director of Thoracic Surgery, Beijing Union Medical College Hospital Dr Guohui Qin told "Life Times" reporter, to lung cancer as an example, patients have undergone radical surgery may have long-term survival.

Previously, only patients with operable early stage, with the development of medicine, surgery patients can be increased. Guohui Qin said that currently applies to three types of lung cancer surgery: best choice in patients with early stage lung cancer surgery, postoperative pathological findings according to additional chemotherapy or immune therapy, to significantly reduce the risk of recurrence. Patients with advanced lung cancer by radiotherapy and chemotherapy can make tumors shrink, and then by radical surgery.

In addition, metastasis can be removed independent primary and metastatic lesions. Even if there is no cure patients with advanced, you can have surgery to alleviate the symptoms. Such as occurs with advanced lung cancer patients with obstructive pneumonia, severe hemoptysis, or pneumothorax, can have surgery to relieve pain and improve quality of life. Previously, large range of tumor surgery, fear not clean cut. With a detailed study, narrowing the scope of tumor surgery.

Maximize tumor removal, while maximizing retention of normal tissues and organs is the principle. Take breast cancer for the past advocated the expansion of radical, but with chemotherapy in a comprehensive way to improve, now narrowed the scope of surgical dissection, as far as possible to retain the breast, so that medical treatment and beauty have both.

Guohui Qin said, lung cancer, radical surgery is generally lobectomy plus lymph node dissection, but for coronary heart disease, poor lung function, or older persons, lobectomy is not necessary for the.

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