Friday, July 9, 2010

The preferred colorectal cancer screening colonoscopy

Universal sigmoidoscopy every year can save thousands of lives. The new results published in the latest issue of "Lancet" magazine, the British Imperial College and other institutions of research by 10 years of research, a total of about 17 million people tracked the health, of which about 4 million accepted sigmoidoscopy.

Sigmoidoscopy can find not only signs of early detection of cancer, and because the inspection can remove polyps, timely removal of precancerous polyps in his, the process itself reduces the incidence of cancer. The results showed that the age between the ages of 55 -66 people, to accept such inspection could decrease the incidence of colorectal cancer 1 / 3.

In colorectal cancer mortality due to accept the check than the rest of the crowd to 43%. Compared with colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy only 5 minutes, time-consuming short, trauma, without anesthesia.

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