Friday, July 9, 2010

Overcome by individual treatment of cancer

"In the 21st century, the clinical oncology should focus on evidence-based medicine, standardized and individualized." Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Cancer Hospital Medicine Professor Sun Yan told "Life Times" reporter said.

"Tumor pathogenesis and clinical course of treatment is full of complexity and diversity of the years new technologies, new drugs are emerging, if not a certain treatment guidelines and selection of evidence, doctors in the choice of treatment may face more confusion when . Thus, evidence-based medicine, standard treatment is the basis for cancer therapy. "Sunyuan Shi said.

Of course, just do standard is clearly not enough.

"Today, the hottest topic in cancer treatment is individual therapy, which is Chinese experts should be more areas of concern, there are many things you can do." Sunyuan Shi stressed that, in fact, Chinese traditional medicine has been in the emphasis on "individual treatment "concept, its essence lies in" syndrome differentiation "and" the same disease with different treatment, different diseases, "which offers a lot to learn from cancer treatment.

"It's just, Chinese medicine is to distinguish cold and heat, and cancer treatment to distinguish the disease in the late morning, a gene mutation, receptor and key enzymes."

Get lung cancer, the early, middle and late treatment of patients vary widely. Early stage, surgery is the preferred solution; by advanced, chemotherapy, radiotherapy status will be greatly enhanced. Again, the targeted therapy gefitinib in non-small cell lung cancer is better, but not suitable for all patients, the efficacy of Europeans and Americans and Asians, on the far, with or without EGFR mutations and K-ras mutation is key.

As for breast cancer, in addition to the applicable principles of operation, the estrogen and progesterone receptors is not positive, Her-2 gene over-expression is not the treatment program is also completely different. Appropriate treatment is selected program will directly affect the patient's prognosis.

Sun Yuanshi that surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other methods used for the integrated treatment of individual patients to provide the maximum possible. "The development of targeted therapy in oncology in the development process more landmark, target detection will be the diagnosis of cancer and to develop individualized treatment programs a must and should be more attention."

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