Thursday, July 8, 2010

Survive for three magic weapons

Magic one's own initiative

Early cancer surgery, eat as much as possible the sooner the better, do not have to rigidly adhere to a standard fasting a week or even longer. Extent, from the physical rehabilitation, early feeding is necessary. Only a comprehensive nutritional intake only help speedy recovery. As early as possible to eat more nutrient input a few eggs.

Magic 2 Integrative Medicine

Currently, no method can cure cancer in late, but early it is curable. Chinese medicine in cancer prevention, to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, tumor metastasis and recurrence and tumor perioperative period, the physical recovery after radical operation has its unique advantages. For patients with advanced cancer, Chinese medicine treatment can prolong survival and improve quality of life. However, relying solely on Chinese medicine is not scientific.

Magic 3 powerful spiritual force magic

If the psychological pressure, the body will secrete a variety of unhealthy hormones; and mind to relax, have confidence in the disease, the disease has a very important role in recovery. Therefore, in the same living environment, optimistic, cheerful, not too much stress and trauma are less likely to get cancer, even if you have cancer, recovery is also good.

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