Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cancer pain can prolong survival in patients

Patients with cancer pain often leads to reduced quality of life, and advanced cancer pain is immense. Pain in the end is the rule or the dead? Many patients and families prefer to use pethidine, are unwilling to touch opioid drugs, not the use of opioid analgesia will certainly addictive?

Standing Committee of the National Society of Anesthesia, Pain Therapy Committee chairman, Professor Xu Jianguo pointed out that the main drug as a treatment for cancer pain, opioids have a prominent place, but many patients and their relatives on opioids at the mere mention that the use of opioid analgesia in patients will lead to addiction, in fact, this is a huge misunderstanding, as long as the standard drug, drug sources the use of opioid drugs to patients with virtually no addiction, domestic use of opioids for cancer pain has been more than 200,000 cases , there is no reported occurrence of addiction.

Prominent experts in medical oncology, anti-cancer association cancer palliative care and rehabilitation professional committee chairman, said Professor Yu Shiying, cancer pain is the most common symptoms of cancer patients, also affect the quality of life of cancer patients the main reason for cancer pain in China patients, pain in patients with advanced cancer incidence is about 60% to 80%, one third of patients with severe pain, while only 41% of patients have been effectively relieve pain, but only with advanced cancer pain 25% effective mitigation.

Professor Xu Jianguo said that pain is a disease in patients with endocrine causes, psychological and other aspects of the change in pain treatment helps to prolong the survival period.

It is understood, first proposed in 1986, the World Health Organization cancer pain therapy, the principles of the three steps, according to the different levels of pain intensity in the selection of different analgesic drugs, while emphasizing timely delivery, delivery by analgesic ladder, non-invasive drug delivery . Experts believe that as the main treatment for cancer pain drug, opioid especially potent opioid pain medication is the treatment of post-core drugs, not only in severe pain, mainly opioid analgesia, pain can be mild with a small dose of opioid as the primary analgesic. However, a long time, domestic patients and medical workers on the understanding of opioid incomplete, many people mistakenly believe that use of opioid analgesia in patients will lead to addiction, in fact, standardized use of opioids does not lead to widespread social concerned about the side effects of addiction, opioid side effects are also greatly reduce the other.

Xu Jianguo said that love film for cancer patients using the drugs do not require lifelong medication, if the pain stopped, most patients would choose to withdrawal, even though there sometimes physical dependence does not mean that the patient also had psychological dependence.

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