Monday, July 12, 2010

Radiation side effects and treatment of gastric cancer

Radiotherapy is one of the main method of treatment of gastric cancer, but radiotherapy in killing cancer cells also have some side effects, side effects following radiation therapy to cancer and its treatment methods are described below:

1 Fatigue: During radiotherapy, the human body to self-energy-consuming rehabilitation. Diseases of the stress from daily treatment, and radiation effects on normal cells can lead to fatigue. Most of radiotherapy for liver cancer patients will feel tired after a few weeks, and continuing with the radiation would be more a sense of fatigue.

After radiotherapy, weakness and fatigue will gradually disappears. During radiotherapy, patients with gastric cancer should be less to do something. If you are tired, then the idle would be less activity, more rest. Sleep early at night, may need to rest during the day.

2, Skin: gastric cancer patients after radiotherapy, the skin often becomes dry. Patients with these symptoms should tell the doctor, the doctor will make recommendations to eliminate your discomfort. After a few weeks after radiotherapy, the majority of skin reactions would eliminate. Patients should take their skin care, here are some suggestions:

(1) the use of cold water and mild soap; let the water through the skin of radiotherapy, not friction.

(2) clothes in the treated area should not wear too tight.

(3) Do not rub, scratch sensitive parts of grasping.

(4) Do not put hot or cold things, such as hot towels or ice packs on the skin of radiotherapy, unless a doctor recommends it.

(5) in the treatment you are receiving treatment and the end of weeks, do not rub on the site of radiotherapy powder, skin cream, perfume, deodorant, creams, lotions and household medicines unless a doctor permission. (Many skin products will leave a layer of the skin, this may prevent radiation or rehabilitation).

(6), radiation therapy and radiation therapy after one year, do not let the site of radiotherapy exposure to the sun. If you want to stay a few minutes in the sun, we must wear a protective effect of clothing (such as wide-brimmed hat and long-sleeved shirts) and use sunscreen.

3, blood: the radiation is almost not reduce the number of white blood cell count or platelets. These blood cells help the body fight infection and prevent bleeding. If the patient's blood test showed liver radiotherapy reduced the leukocyte count or platelet count, treatment will be suspended a week in order to increase the patient's blood cells.

4, diet: cancer radiotherapy side effects include diet and digestive problems. In the course of treatment, you may have no appetite. Even if you feel hungry, more protein and calorie intake is also important. Doctors found a very good appetite, patients can better cope with cancer and its side effects.

The following is to help solve the food problem of gastric cancer patients in the guidelines and methodologies.

(1) If you chew and swallow food feel pain, I suggest you eat powdered or liquid food. These foods can be bought in stores, but also a lot of taste. They can be used with other foods.

(2) The following suggestions will help you to raise your appetite appetite and make you eat as much as possible.

1) Eat small meals.

2) do not drink, alcohol will increase the side effects of radiotherapy.

3) may take some spleen appetizer of Chinese medicine.

(3) If you can only eat small quantities of food, you can through the following methods to improve energy intake:

1) The Food and adding butter or margarine.

2) drink milk instead of water.

3) After eating something to drink milk.

4) add some vegetables or cream sauce.

5, emotional: many patients feel depressed, fear, anger, failure, loneliness or helplessness. You may feel tired because radiation to destroy your mood. You can on these issues to the doctor or the local Cancer Society advice, and find people who care about you the opportunity to work together to solve these problems.

Overall, gastric cancer radiotherapy will inevitably damage the body's normal cells, it is recommended in patients with radiotherapy, while taking some anti-tumor effect and the righting of Chinese medicines such as Traditional Chinese Academy of Sciences of the spleen and kidney particles, on the one hand enhance the effect, on the one hand to reduce the side effects of cancer radiation therapy to improve immune function.

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