Monday, July 12, 2010

"Sixteen-Character Policy" treatment of gastric cancer

Surgical excision:

Treatment of choice for gastric cancer surgery. In addition to gastric cancer, no lymph node metastasis, or less than 2 cm protruding's do reduce the operation, except for gastric cancer with radical surgery should be done, plus lymph node dissection.

Patients should pay attention to the patient's urine output and drainage. Urine can determine how much heart and lung function of patients. Drainage tube is like a sentinel, can detect the wound recovery, open surgery or later, if there is exudate oozing out of anastomotic bleeding or stomach bleeding, the drainage tube can be seen a look.

Chemotherapy supplemented by:

Adjuvant treatment of gastric cancer to chemotherapy, and radiotherapy less use. More than in the postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy in the past, aimed to consolidate the surgery, surgery to kill residual tumor suppression and tumor cells. More recent years, advocates of preoperative chemotherapy, also known as neoadjuvant chemotherapy in gastric cancer is diagnosed, the surgery is not necessarily right away, first give a number of chemotherapeutic agents to control and shrink the tumor before surgery, to improve the success rate of surgery. This is like not playing around the Northeast campaign strategy, first tumor and lymph nodes are controlled, the final in the operation around and annihilate. So after the diagnosis of gastric cancer surgery not fixing authorities merely to go.

Comprehensive treatment:

Cancer treatment and, like most other tumors, therapeutic measures should be integrated, the various methods of each other, coordinate, rationalize the use, in order to achieve the best effect. In addition to surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, there are Chinese medicine, immunotherapy, etc., can choose to use, enhance immunity and quality of life and reduce the recurrence risk transfer.

Attention to rehabilitation:

As the saying goes, "stomach-third rule, seven support", not the surgical treatment of gastric cancer, chemotherapy after the end, there is a long-term recovery, follow-up and rehabilitation process, which is important in patients with long-term survival. Do not over-diet diet, not picky eaters, but do not drink and smoke, eat right medicine can improve the immunity. And then just normal to be treated, regular physical activity, participate in group activities, regular follow-up.

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